Yearbook Day! Behind the Scenes for Class Clown shoot with Gabe!

                  Yearbook Day with Gabe: The Comedien

   I can't say whether or not our delightful model, Gabe, is in fact, a class clown (actually, he most assuredly is not, since he was at the time of this shoot, 4 years old and not currently enrolled in a class to clown. However, he has great potential). Potential or not, Gabe certainly brought the role of class clown to life with his dancing and love for the goofy accessories that our stylist, Blanca Martinez, provided him. My favorite part of the shoot were his expressions. True to the quiet side of class clowns everywhere, while he was deciding his next move, his facial expressions would become quite plain, but his eyes alive, showing deep thought and consideration as to what he would do next. Of course, the inbetween expressions were only a small part of the charm. I deeply enjoyed the over the top laughs, yells, grimaces and other unspecified faces Gabe threw our way. Cheers. 

 While we were not able to use the term "Class Clown" due to concerns of demeaning children and offending our customers (seems a little sensy-poo to me, but alas, I have no say in the matter), this shoot was in fact, depicting the various class clowns that have touched all of our lives. Goofy faces, attention grabbing attire and accessories, high-energy movements, and the secret desire to draw the ire of the teacher for the mere sake of entertaining their peers, most all of us have known, or been, a class clown in our times. 


   Pretty crazy 6 light set-up for the set...along with some pretty crazy faces. I still say he looks like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes in the frame in which he is sticking out his tongue.

The final select from our Creative team. I would have gone with another image, but I can't say i'm not pleased with the graphic treatment and the image certainly captures Gabe's energy.