BTS: Super Baby (someone page Jim Carey, please)!

I am fairly certain that this baby is somehow related to Jim Carey. I have never laughed so hard while shooting. This child gave me every possible reaction and emotion known to really can't plan for this type of thing, but I was very pleased to be able to capture it. 

 Referring back to last month's post (, Russell, who was originally cast for this shoot (and would have been great, had he not been so hungry) gave us some uniquely beautiful images of kids when they just don't feel like it. After light testing all morning and the day before for this, it was extremely disappointing that we were not going to be shooting a happy baby. Little did I know how lucky this was. 

 My stylist, Jesse Meyer, and I were fortunate enough to have a replacement baby come by who was modeling on a nearby set. Although too young to sit up on his own (I had to edit out Jesse's hand for our final submissions) this little guy gave us the performance of a lifetime which made for some of my favorite images that I have ever done for this site. Enjoy.