Behind the scenes: Crocsicles Shoot

For our Summer Crocs shoot, our team was asked to create a 'melting croc' experience, as if the colorful shoes were popsicles. The concept was a fun idea, but certainly presented some challenges. The main one being that popsicles become transparent when they melt, and our ask was for a colorful, execution, that necessitated an opaque, melted popsicle. This meant that we were going to have to fudgesicle a little (ha, see what i did there?). 

 Stylist, Devon Herling, and I racked our brains trying to come up with the perfect combination as to what would best simulate a colorful, melted popsicle. There were several attempts made, but the winning combination happened to be Karo syrup and a very small amount of acrylic paint. Devon matched the colors extremely well and the Karo syrup was relatively cooperative even under the heat of the lights. 

 As far as photographing the shoes, Crocs have such a smooth surface, matching a modifier to that texture seemed like the way to go. Using plex proved very effective. Giving the light a very defined edge but a nice gradient on the highlights.