Lisa&Leah 2013

 I shoot a lot of weddings to help pay the bills. They aren't usually my favorite, but each one is unique and generally affords me a fun story or experience to tell my friends. It is rare that an event I am so accustomed to emanates such an atmosphere of love, friendship, and general sense of contentment amongst its attendees. 

 It is also rare that I can sense such a degree of comfort and closeness between the couple. Usually, at least one is a nervous wreck (not to say that either Leah of Lisa weren't feeling any nerves) but whatever bond of energy that they have between them is noticeable, especially on their day.  

 I would like to thank Leah and Lisa for offering me the opportunity to share and capture their wedding, it was certainly an honor. With respect to a variety of existing life philosophies, to be in the presence of love is a powerful thing, and should be acknowledged and celebrated. Please enjoy the photos.  


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