sunglasses shoot

 ...and after 3 short months, i'm back! Finally shooting for my portfolio again. This time taking a page out of the mitch feinberg style (, a shot of his that I have admired for quite some time and wished to emulate. Aside from the sunglasses being a notch below the designer ones used in his shoot, I feel that the images came through, and the styling process was actually the most entertaining for me. 

 Taking a foam block and black velvet, i was able to arrange the sunglasses to my liking, trying to find that delightful balance of order with a slight twist of chaos that might suggest that we would actually see an arrangement like this in our everyday lives. 

  The isolated light source helped to create the pleasing gradient on the lenses while giving the frames a smooth contrast of highlights and solid color backed up by the fall-off into shadow. I have done several slight variations, please feel free to leave your thoughts. Until next time!