bet all four of you have been wondering where the most illustrious author of this very fine blog has been the past 12 days. Laura and I packed our bags and took a nice, 6 day reprieve from Sunny Seattle to scope out Miami and the Florida Keys. Now two photographers touring in Miami is just like two kids in a candy shoppe, even photographers who specialize in product and fashion. The city is bright, colorful, but I think the real attraction is that we are talking about two Northwesterners "oohing" and "ahhing" at palm trees and blue water. 

 Of course, the walk-around touristy shots aren't quite what I would consider professional, but they still are interesting and the Art Deco and Alahambra architecture make it hard to resist clicking the shutter and make it hard for anyone to fail to capture a beautiful image.

 Since I have one or two photos to share, i will only subject you to a few at a time. This installment will be from the Vizcaya Mansion of the Coral Gables neighborhood. A beautiful mansion built on the edge of the Atlantic and is absolutely stunning.

SInce these shots are from vacation, I decided to have a little fun with them. You will notice the photos have visible tonal ranges in the highlights, shadows and midtones, this is called High-dynamic range photography, and is either irresistibly eye-catching or too painterly for photo purists to endure. With the color of the area and the unique architecture, I thought I would have some fun and give it a go. If you like the look of HDR photography, check out this guy, a professional travel photographer.