Allrighty then! Welcome to www.mattveephoto.com! Since there aren't too many followers out there at this point I will mostly be talking to myself, however, I happen to find myself charming and witty, so my audience will enjoy this to some degree. I also apologize in advance for a graduated English major who has since displaced grammatical  rules and replaced them with nonsensical and satyrical nuggets of pop-culture and photographic trivia and cliches.  

 A bit about myself, you say? Well my portrait work is inspired by Jill Greenberg, Tim Tadder, August Bradley and Ted Sabarese (though I may be a click or two away from their skill level). All fantastic artists, they are fun just to leaf through works and you can easily kill an hour or two just staring at their work. My own style emulates various facets of each of their work, but is still finding it's way to definition. 

With this inaugural entry on my blog, I would like to say that the goal of this entry is to confirm that it automatically posts to the big three of social media sites (facebook, twitter, and linkedin), so it might not be the most interesting for folks to take in. My second blog posting will be the result if this entry test was successful or not. It may be short due to a pissed off demeanor if I fail.  Thank you for reading, and I shall post again soon!