New contract: Zulily

A new year, new website, new style, new client! I am very excited to begin contracting as an Editorial Photographer with Zulily, an online fashion and knick-knack store located in the SODO district of Seattle. I will have the opportunity to team up with some solid and reputable Seattle photographers and stylists. You can view their website at 

 Although I generally fancy myself a product and still-life shooter, I can't deny that I am excited to have the opportunity to photography over-energetic kids doing their model thing. (I hear we even have squeaky toys to try and get their attention). I always like to say, "the products always show up on time and never talk back", but capturing genuine human emotion and characteristics is a rewarding feeling for any photographer. 

 I am sure I will be welcomed as I join fellow Art Institute graduates Laura Gehring, Nick Strohmeyer, Brad Bowen, and Carlton Canary We be takin' over, yo!